Result 1

Trainers’ – Trainees Guide: This guide is part of the training and will provide learners with instructions and information to track their progress while attending modules on the learning platform. This platform consists of three distinct and highly relevant areas that help them understand the world of digital business from various perspectives and provide relevant information to consider when embarking on an entrepreneurial journey.

  • The first area is Digital Competences, which comprises four different modules and provides participants with an introduction to digital marketing and brand development.
  • The second area is Entrepreneurial Competences, also consisting of 4 modules, offering information and tools to develop leadership and effective teamwork.
  • The third area is Business Competences, which includes 6 different modules to help interested female entrepreneurs deepen their understanding of their target audience and the market to which their product or service is directed.

Result 2

Mentors - Mentees Guide: The mentoring process plays a vital role in the ADA project. Within the project's context, a mentoring process and mentorship relationships will be developed to guide existing and aspiring female entrepreneurs on their journey towards exponential growth in the digital business sector. To this end, a Mentors - Mentees Guide has been created by ADA's partners, illustrating the mentoring process and its objectives. It facilitates the process of turning challenging ideas into viable businesses using collective knowledge and modern tools. Moreover, this guide empowers female entrepreneurs to successfully complete the training and gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively operate and thrive in the digital business landscape.

Result 3

ADA Virtual Training and Mentoring Platform: This virtual platform will consolidate various project outcomes and results, presenting them in a centralized location. Access will be granted to the Online Training, the e-Mentorship program, the Learning Lab, and the Virtual Community of Practice. The platform is designed to accommodate diverse content formats such as video lectures, webinars, simulations, multimedia presentations, and more. Additionally, it will adopt a micro-learning approach tailored to accommodate busy schedules. Notably, the platform will feature integration of a social bot system for effective communication with women. These formats will be accessible through a dedicated virtual platform created specifically for women interested in the digital economy. This platform will also serve as a forum for exchange and interaction in order to:

  • Foster networking and personal interaction between mentors and mentees.
  • Build visibility and dialogue among female founders across different countries.
  • Gather ideas and inspiration.
  • Share enthusiasm and passion.
  • Provide women across Europe with free access to qualification and further education.

Result 4

Development of an e-Mentorship Programme for Empowering Women in Business: Integrated into Ada's Virtual Platform is the e-mentoring program. The program is tailored to empower and support women aged 30+ in the digital business sector. Considering the real needs of the target groups, the development of the e-Mentorship Programme, in all its elements (technical and organizational), pays particular attention to clarity of roles and expectations, defining achievable goals, functionality, and time efficiency. To that end, a set of useful guidelines, procedures, and tools has been created.

Result 5

The creation of successful e-mentoring relationships: Through these relationships, mentees will be equipped with self-confidence, shared knowledge and experience, as well as key business tools that will be explained and used to pursue a resilient digital business. Moreover, it is expected that, after the mentoring sessions, business ideas will be turned into viable Business Models and/or Business Plans, ready to be pitched and submitted for funding, by public and/or private equity firms.

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