Italian Multiplier Event in Rome

The EyesOnCS project reached a significant milestone with its Italian Multiplier Event, hosted by the Effebi Association, on September 29, 2023. The event, conducted in a face-to-face modality at ITCG “Carlo Matteucci” in Rome, attracted a diverse group of 32 participants, including students (16-18 years old), teachers, and school staff.

The primary objective of the event was to familiarize attendees with the project's goals, expected outcomes, and its collaborative partnership. In an era where cybersecurity is becoming increasingly crucial in our digitized world, the EyesOnCS project aims to empower students, teachers, and trainers with knowledge on cybersecurity issues.

The event unfolded according to a well-structured agenda:

  • 10:00 Welcome to the Conference (Effebi): Participants were greeted and made to feel at ease, setting the tone for an engaging and informative event.
  • 10:15 Introduction to The EyesOnCs Project - Partnership, Objectives, and Results (Effebi): A comprehensive overview of the project, its objectives, and the expected results was presented, providing a solid foundation for the subsequent activities.
  • 11:00 Virtual Escape Room Testing (Effebi): A highlight of the event, participants had the unique opportunity to test the alpha version of the EyesOnCS escape room game, specifically focusing on Episode 1. This interactive session encouraged collaborative problem-solving and allowed participants to experience a learning-by-doing approach.
  • 12:00 Questions & Answers: Final Discussion (Effebi): An essential part of the event, this session provided a platform for participants to engage in meaningful discussions, seek clarifications, and share their thoughts on the project.
  • 13:00 End of the Event: The event concluded, leaving participants with a wealth of knowledge and a firsthand experience of the EyesOnCS project.

The escape room activity, designed within the framework of EyesOnCS, not only added a practical dimension to the event but also enabled participants to explore cybersecurity concepts in a dynamic and engaging manner. The alpha version of Episode 1 allowed students to interact, collaborate, and provide valuable feedback, contributing to the refinement of the game.

The EyesOnCS Italian Multiplier Event exemplified the project's commitment to fostering cybersecurity education through innovative and immersive approaches, setting a precedent for future initiatives in the realm of digital education.