"Entrepreneurship is an incredible tool to empower women"

Lizeth Soto is not only a successful entrepreneur in Germany, but she has also been a collaborator in our project since we contacted her in mid-2023 with the intention of learning more about her story and the enormous community of Latin American women she has created in Berlin, the city where she currently resides.

Lizeth comes from northern Mexico, where she studied Communication Sciences. In Mexico, she gradually began pursuing one of her great passions: photography. After completing her studies, Lizeth was clear that she wanted to start her own business. It seemed like a normal path for her, as she comes from a family of entrepreneurs where her parents have always worked in their own businesses or ventures.

What's interesting about her story is that, despite having the opportunity to start a business in her home country with the support of her family, she decided to emigrate to Chicago, United States, to work as an Au Pair and experience a new cultural adventure. "I was younger and eager to experience new things. I think it would have been easier to stay in Mexico and start my own business there, but I'm a woman who loves to step out of my comfort zone. I always seek new challenges, and that's something that defines me."

Her life in the United States fascinated her, and she found herself comfortable in Chicago. But one day, she met a German tourist in the United States, and she never imagined that he would be the reason she would embark on a new migration, this time to another continent.

So, Lizeth arrived in Berlin in 2014 with the intention of starting a new life in Germany with her husband. At first, it wasn't easy, but over time, Lizeth found her place in the German capital and started a project that changed her life forever. "Upon arriving in Germany, I realized that there were many Latin women, and there was huge potential there. They weren't organized, so I decided to create a Facebook group called 'Latinas en Berlín.' That Facebook group was the beginning of a community that now brings together more than 11,000 women across Germany and has allowed me to build strong support networks for us. It's been beautiful to see how all of this has grown in recent years."

The "Latinas en Berlin" community has now become "Latinas en Alemania," and they are organized in different parts of Germany, where they organize events, introduce themselves, and offer services. Lizeth has big plans for this community, which continues to grow. "Every day, more Latin women arrive in Germany, and we try to offer them support and advice as they begin this new phase of their lives here."

Lizeth not only leads this community but also has a business selling typical Mexican handicrafts, both in her local shop in Berlin and online. Furthermore, she remains devoted to her great passion: photography. So, it's not uncommon to see her walking the streets of Berlin with her cameras and accessories, either capturing moments at events or taking portraits.

"I've always wanted to work for myself. I'm not the type of woman who envisions being employed by a company. I've had business ideas, and I've always believed in them, so now I can say that I make a living from my ventures in a country like Germany, where I've had to learn a new language and adapt to the culture and its norms. If you believe in yourself and create a clear plan of how you want to achieve it, of course, it's possible to turn that business idea you have in mind into reality."

Lizeth has joined our project to contribute to the mentoring process, and we are delighted to have her experience on the side of those women who, like her, see enormous potential in the world of digital business and entrepreneurship as an opportunity to unleash their potential and have taken the first step by joining ADA.

Welcome, Lizeth!