Online Survey on Women’s Needs for a Digital Business as Female Entrepreneur. Main Results and Recommendations for Training

The aim of the ADA Online Survey was to provide first insights into the complex relationships between digital competences, business plan competence, and entrepreneurial competences of women.

With this survey, the project team aimed to identify the training needs in the field of digital entrepreneurship, in order to find out in which competence areas female entrepreneurs are interested.

Results indicated that 90 women had already a digital business or at least an idea for a digital business and 53 women started to work on a business plan or had already one.

The ADA Online Survey and its results are the basis for an educational program to support women in the digital economy. The summary of the results gives us clear instructions and recommendations for the trainings within the project.

If you want to find out more about survey results, including conclusion and recommendations for the upcoming trainings, check the gallery below.