Partnership for Excellence - Centres of Vocational Excellence

Objectives of the Action

This action supports the gradual establishment and development of international collaborative networks of Centres of Vocational Excellence.

Centres of Vocational Excellence will operate at two levels:

- At national level involving a wide range of local stakeholders creating skills ecosystems for local innovation, regional development, and social inclusion, while working with CoVEs in other countries through international collaborative networks.
- At international level bringing together CoVEs that share a common interest in:
* a common interest in specific sectors;
* innovative approaches to tackle economic and societal challenges (e.g. climate change, digitalisation, artificial intelligence, sustainable development goals, integration of migrants and disadvantaged groups, upskilling people with low qualification levels, etc.), or
* innovative approaches to increase the outreach, quality and effectiveness of existing CoVEs.

Deadline: 08 June 2023

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